The American Srbobran, official publication of the Serb National Federation, is the oldest continuously published Serbian-language newspaper in the world. Also published with an English section, the American Srbobran is the newspaper with the longest and richest tradition, a true and extraordinary reflection of the history of Serbs in America till this day. The first issue of the American Srbobran was published on January 18, 1906 in Serbian Cyrillic. The article on the front page was written by Father Sava Vojvodic who wrote of the main mission of the newspaper:

“Our newspaper will guide our readership on the path of Serbian national awareness and dedication to the holy Orthodox Faith, so that in this distant land they do not forget the faith and the nation they have come from and for which our ancestors have shed so much blood, leaving us these two holy legacies to defend and preserve…

Even now we hear a soft voice in our hearts whispering Christ’s words: ’Assuredly, I say to you, in as much as you did to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’”

The first editor of the newspaper was Milivoje Buzadzic. The American Srbobran was a weekly newspaper until 1916, when it began publishing daily and exclusively in Serbian Language/Cyrillic until the 1930s. In order to attract the first generation of Serbian immigrants who grew up speaking English as their native language, the American Srbobran included an English section of the newspaper in order to keep Serbian descendants rooted in their Serbian traditions and customs. Today, the American Srbobran is published bi-monthly in English and Serbian in Cyrillic. 

The American Srbobran is edited by Dr. Aleksandar Petrov, Ph.D. (Serbian language), formerly Professor of Serbian Language at the University of Pittsburgh and Sandra Radoja (English language). In addition to our editors, the American Srbobran is staffed by journalism and layout professionals. It maintains both national and international readership. The American Srbobran is archived in the United States Library of Congress in Washington, D.C and National Library of Serbia in Belgrade. Its general content is social, athletic, cultural, and religious news relevant to Serbians in the homeland and the United States, the Serbian Diaspora, and those of Serbian descent worldwide. Many famous Serbian novelists contributed to the American Srbobran such as Jovan Ducic, Milos Crnjanski, Ivo Andric, Desanka Maksimovic, Vojislav Ilic, Milan Rakic, V. Rev. Dr. Stavrofor Mateja Matejic, Charles Simic, Vasko Popa, Vasa Mihailovich, and Dr. Aleksandar Petrov among others. 

In addition to authors who contributed to the American Srbobran, it has also been granted exclusive interviews with famous Serbs such as Mihajlo I. Pupin and Nikola Tesla, Serbian American scientists and inventors, and Novak Djokovic, World Tennis Champion among others.

In 2001, the American Srbobran was awarded “Best Newspaper” at the Pennsylvania Fraternal Congress. 

Yes, we are a small newspaper, but a long-running and respected one. 


Serbian Section since 1906:

Milivoje Buzadzic

Cedomir Pavic

Jovan Krajnovic

Petar Budisavljevic

Milos Mrvos

Budimir Grahovac

Branko Dajicic

Milan Markovic

Mladen Trbuhovic

Kosta Elesin

Milutin Devrnja

Momcilo Sokic

Jovan Bratic

Jovan Jovetich

Bozidar Pouritch

Jovan Deretic

Milivoje Vasic

Dr. Aleksandar Petrov


English Section since 1930:

Alexander Kordin

Marko Ciganovich

Philip Stanojevich

Bozica Milkovich

William Nikolin

Milan Karlo

Nikola Ivosevich

Nenad Marich

Melvin Mamula

Victor Danilov

Miodrag Petrovich

Nikola Marunic

Anne Tumbas

Robert Stone (Coordinating Editor)

George Martich (Coordinating Editor)

Dusan Ljubenko (Coordinating Editor)

Dr. Krinka Vidakovic Petrov

Sandi Radoja