The Serb National Federation

A Fraternal Benefit Society

What Is A Fraternal Benefit Society?
Fraternal benefit societies are a unique combination of business and volunteerism in which members participate in community service and volunteer projects, hold leadership roles in their local lodges, and have a say in the operation of the organization.

Declared charitable and benevolent institutions by law, fraternal societies are operated on a not-for-profit basis. We are required to file annually and quarterly financial statements by the state departments of insurance for each state in which we are licensed to do business and our books and records are subject to examination by them. Our records are audited annually by both our elected Board of Trustees and an outside independent auditing firm. Additionally, your funds are supported by sound investments recommended by our financial advisors.

What Is The SNF?

The Serb National Federation is a nonprofit Fraternal Benefit Society which provides life insurance protection and retirement plans according to the needs and means of its members.

Providing quality and secure life insurance at the lowest possible cost is a tradition that the SNF has maintained for more than 110 years. Over the years, a philosophy of service and policyholder protection has made the SNF one of the most progressive and highly regarded Fraternal Benefit Societies selling life insurance in the United States and Canada.

The Serb National Federation has historically benefited the Serbian people by supporting its churches and church camps, by sponsoring athletic events for our membership, and by sponsoring cultural and social events to perpetuate our ethnic involvement and cultural traditions.

In addition, the Federation assists younger members with higher education costs through the SNF Scholarship Program. We currently offer 23 scholarships, which are awarded to our outstanding college-bound members.

The SNF Official Newspaper

The American Srbobran, our official newspaper, is published twice monthly and has been available to the public since 1906. SNF members receive the paper at half-off the subscription price. Upon your purchase of life insurance or an annuity, you will receive a free three-month subscription.

Sports Program

As a member of the SNF, you will be able to participate in all sports programs including golf, bowling and basketball tournaments. The SNF offers one of the largest sports programs of any fraternal. Through this program, over $100,000 has been donated to the SNF Scholarship Fund, and over one million dollars has been donated to host Serbian Orthodox Churches.

Protection Available

• Whole Life Policy

• 20-Payment Life Policy

• 10 Year Level Term Policy

• Single Premium Whole Life Policy

• Deferred Tax Annuity

• Traditional IRA

• Roth IRA

• Education IRA

Whole Life Policy:

This is a traditional Ordinary Life Plan. Premiums are payable for life and the benefit is payable at death.

20 Payment Life Policy:
This policy provides the insured with a lifetime of permanent protection. Premiums are payable for 20 years or until the death of the insured, if earlier.

Single Premium Whole Life Policy:
One premium, paid only once, buys protection for the Whole of Life. A lifetime of protection without yearly payments required. Policy offers cash values nearly equal to the premium paid.

You Can Enroll Your ...

• Self
• Spouse
• Siblings
• Children
• Grandchildren
• Nieces and Nephews
• Kumovi
• Mama & Tata
• Baba & Djedo
• Ujna & Ujak
• Tetka & Tetak
• Strina & Stric
• Aunt & Uncle
• Friends
• Fellow Church Members